- Are your products authentic?  Yes!!! We only sell authentic products sourced from the manufacturer or authorized distributors.

- Why was I charged for Pre-order before it actually shipped? We do not hold on to your credit card info for security reasons so there is no way for us to charge your credit card when its ready to ship.

Can I reserve Pre-order and make a payment when its ready to ship? We can't and will not be holding your credit card info for security reasons. So, unfortunately, no.

- Can I just leave you my credit card number? Again, for your security, We DO NOT hold your credit card info.

Can I cancel my Pre-order? If you need to cancel your Pre-order, email us at threegoms@threegoms.com with your order number and we will cancel your order, long as its not shipped yet. Also, there is 5% fee for Pre-order cancellation.

- When will my Pre-order ship? Release date will be on the title of the product. We can not guarantee the release date as it's up to manufacturer. They might have a delay in production or licensing. In any case, we will email everyone if we get any updates on a release.  We will email everyone once we hear from our distributor that they have ship the products to us. 

- Why is my Pre-order cancelled? highly unlikely but once in a blue moon, certain release will get cancelled by the manufacturer or the authorize US distributors because of unforeseen issues (Production or Licensing issues). We are not responsible for pre-order cacellation made by the manufacturer. 

- How do I get in touch regarding my order? Best method is email as employees at our stores do not have access to online orders. Or you could use the message button on right bottom side of our website.

- I want my boxes in pristine condition. How do you ship your products?  Well, we like my boxes in pristine condition too!  Our shipping boxes are rated at 200 LB bursting strength. We bubble wrap boxes and then wrap inside of polypropylene bag. Empty space inside the boxes are filled with paper to minimize movement. Just in case boxes get thrown around or gets wet. 

- Do you gift wrap? Yes, we do. If you need anything gift wrapped, email us after you place an order. Free of charge.